Istanbul in the Times of Corona

I am writing these lines during the total lockdown – the longest so far. During the past two weekends lockdown in 31 cities across Turkey lasted 48 hours, right now, however, we are in the midst of 96 hours long lockdown. The reason for the longer lockdown is the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, aContinue reading “Istanbul in the Times of Corona”

Turkey Scholarships Applications 2019

2019 Turkey Scholarships Applications have started! The application period has started on January 15th and will continue until February 20th. The only way to apply is to visit the official page. The whole application is made online. Here is the link to the official page, where you can get all the official information and youContinue reading “Turkey Scholarships Applications 2019”

Turkey Scholarship Applications 2018 (Türkiye Bursları; YTB)

Dear followers, as many of you visit my blog in order to get more information about Turkey Scholarships and all the procedure related to this, I decided to share with you important announcement which was published recently from the part of Turkiye Burslari team. TÜRKİYE BURSLARI APPLICATIONS 2018 – TURKEY SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS 2018 There is an importantContinue reading “Turkey Scholarship Applications 2018 (Türkiye Bursları; YTB)”

Dear reader

Hey there, March is here and a new season of scholarship applications is here. I have noticed that many of my followers are curious about the Turkiye Burslari /Turkiye Scholarship applications. I am glad that you found my blog and I hope that my blog posts and aswers/questions will help you deciding to (or notContinue reading “Dear reader”

Study in Turkey #2.1: Interview

Hi guys! Many of you asked me to write more about interview experience for Turkiye burslari /Turkey Scholarship. Here is a new post, dedicated only to interview questions. Please, write your comments to this post and share your interview experince. Don’t forget to write your country and level of studies. When I get enough comments,Continue reading “Study in Turkey #2.1: Interview”

Study in Turkey

Scholarship of the Republic of Turkey  UPDATE (FEBRUARY 2016) THE APPLICATIONS FOR 2016/2017 WILL START AT THE END OF FEBRUARY. In last years I benefited from different types of scholarship offered by Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey every year offers different possibilities to obtain scholarship. All scholarship information can be obtained from theContinue reading “Study in Turkey”

Study in Turkey #4: Are you sure???

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post about Turkiye burslari. Now the winners of scholarship for 2015 are known and many of you who won the scholarship are getting ready to move to Turkey. I guess that by now most of you have signed the scholarship agreement and are waiting for aContinue reading “Study in Turkey #4: Are you sure???”

Study in Turkey #3: How to get student residence permit?

 UPDATE AUGUST 2016 Hey guys! As every year (or even every few months) some changes are made regarding the residence permit procedures, I would like to advice you to check the web page of Göç Idaresi Müdürlüğü (Directorate of Migration Management), where you can get all the infomation.  Since the procedure of getting your residenceContinue reading “Study in Turkey #3: How to get student residence permit?”

Study in Turkey #2

Interview, Bureaucracy and Moving to Turkey UPDATED! Hey guys!Few weeks ago I’ve posted first post with the information about scholarships offered by the Republic of Turkey (bachelor, MA and PhD). I have seen that many of you have read my post and also many of you asked me some questions. Last week I updated theContinue reading “Study in Turkey #2”

Turkiye Scholarship applications 2015!

Hey guys, I’ve just read the news, that 2015 applications start in February 2015. This year application will start in February for UNDERGRADUATE, Master and PhD scholarships. In previous years applications started in March (for MA and PhD) and in April (for Undergrad.), so this year, pay attention, because application starts earlier. This is theContinue reading “Turkiye Scholarship applications 2015!”